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There is no better way to learn the ropes, meet people, and have a lot of fun than going through Parkside’s all-day ROAR, the Ranger Orientation, Advising and Registration program! It’s the same for transfers who get to experience the half-day Transfer Transitions program.

During these experiences, you’ll meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, take a campus tour, and have an opportunity to meet numerous students, faculty, and staff members. Everyone is very willing to answer your questions and help you navigate the beginnings of your Parkside experience.

Plus, you’re definitely going to have some fun! During ROAR and Transfer Transitions, you’ll learn about the social scene at Parkside while meeting your future classmates and getting to know the folks you’ll soon be sharing a campus with.

The whole orientation process is designed to make your campus transition smooth and enjoyable. So, get ready to ROAR and embrace your career as a Parkside Ranger!