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Studying abroad lets you experience the world – all while gaining college credit and keeping your degree path on track. Parkside offers both two-week programs and semester-long study abroad opportunities, with exchange programs to Italy, Australia, China, Russia, Finland, and Germany. These exchanges allow you to pay UW-Parkside tuition while studying in another country – and then a student from that country will come to Parkside in return.

Heading to another country doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stay in school longer to finish your required courses. Instead, you’ll be able to take classes that apply to your major, as long as you work with your academic advisor to keep things on schedule.

And studying abroad doesn’t have to break the bank! A variety of grants are available, plus, if you apply for financial aid, some state and federal grants may also be available.

Experiencing another country isn’t just an exciting trip. It also prepares you for the global workplace, showing prospective employers that you’re adaptable, culturally respectful, and willing to explore new things. So, consider traveling the world with Parkside!