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The demand for skilled, quality educators will continue, as current teachers retire and young people blossom. Engaging in Parkside’s excellent teacher education majors can help you be prepared to fill the void!

Practical, hands-on experience is the name of the game, as education majors enjoy opportunities to work in a classroom setting, starting the first semester. You’ll learn about the changing demands of the education profession and how to respond effectively. You’ll gain enhanced sensitivity to work well with ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged populations. And you’ll experience a collaborative, professional, challenging educational environment at Parkside, led by expert practitioners.

The teacher education program offers a major in elementary education. Current licensure programs within the early adolescence through adolescence development level are also offered in a wide variety of fields, from geography to English/language arts. There are also grades 1-8 and K-12 music education licensure pathways. Plus, new programs were recently approved so Parkside can offer Bachelor of Science degrees in education, secondary education, early childhood education, and special education.

Learn the best ways to help future generations learn through Parkside’s teacher education program!