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Pre-Health Programs

The fields of health care and scientific research continue to grow rapidly, and participating in Parkside’s pre-health programs will help you become competent and competitive within this expanding job market.

Within the pre-health program, you can major in whatever area you want and qualify for their chosen professional health programs, with the most popular majors being in applied health sciences, biological sciences, chemistry, and exercise science. Students are encouraged to choose the major that most interests them and then we’ll work with you to make sure you satisfy course pre-requisites to qualify for the professional programs.

We believe that everyone can do this and will work with you to make you competitive, not just qualified. You’ll have an opportunity to participate in high impact experiences such as faculty-led research, professional health shadowing, and in-depth internships where you’ll gain critical experience. All of this will make you competitive when it comes to professional health programs and graduate programs.